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The Gaylords “Everybody Dance Now” Live @ RednoFive

If you weren’t there Saturday night, I’m sorry for you. And if you were there, but woke up on Sunday wondering if it was all some crazy Belvedere-soaked lucid dream, here’s proof it happened.

Yes, that is me rapping.

No, I did not get all the words right.

Yes, I’m pretty sure I said “I’m just a squirrel” twice.

No, we are not wearing green b/c of St. Patrick’s Day.

Yes, Donica stole the show.

CLICK HERE to see The Gaylords perform “Hey Ya!”

Gaylords Transmission #3

Gaylords Transmission #2

Gaylords Transmission #1

The Gaylords “Hey Ya!” Live @ RednoFive 3.14.09