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Tony Was Here…

Tony Stamolis that is — was — shooting naked ladies on the Katie’s couches. Sent this from the road to Fresno.

A sweet reminder of how insane in-between somewhere and anywhere can be.

To see Sleep Never’s interview with Tony CLICK HERE.

4:56 with Camera Shy Photographer Tony Stamolis

“I hate you and your camera!” - Tony Stamolis

Hawbaker sent me a link to a site for Tony’s new book “Frezno” early last week and his work spoke to me immediately. Each image hauntingly human, charming and eerily familiar, I snapped up a copy of “Frezno” and before heading out with Tony on a wild goose chase to find the elusive owner of the “world’s greatest vinyl reggae collection” and being invited to, and then asked to leave, some girl’s house who had an arcade size version of “Gauntlet” in her kitchen and a copy of “Sailing for Dummies” on her bookshelf, sat down with Tony for a chat.

Here’s some of that chat now…

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CLICK HERE to buy “Frezno” now.