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Stream: No Age’s “Losing Feeling” EP

No Age are streaming their digital/vinyl only EP “Losing Feeling” before it drops Oct. 6th. To pre-order the EP and take an early listen CLICK HERE and register.

I Declare Today “No Age” Monday

For no better reason than I’m still pissed that I missed them Saturday night at the New Image Art Anniversary Show. Figured they’d play late and they played early.

By the time I got there the band was gone, the cops were gone, some skinny kid DJ (dressed like a ex-member of NWA) was spinning and left-over Mary Kate Olsen wanna-be’s were dancing badly to “We Are Your Friends” for the 1,765th time.

Skinny kid wasn’t bad necessarily. I just wasn’t there. My head was tuned for swirling/screaming guitars and pounding drums, not party jams.

Show was dope though. McFetridge, Steven and some other old men from the old crew were there. Ed and Deanna Templeton, Barry McGee, Swoon, Date Farmers, Jordan Isip, Melinda Beck and Phil Frost all had cool stuff up.

Cleon Peterson’s shit was crazy.

But I missed No Age. I always miss them. I’m always late, sick, out of town. I miss them by days. I miss them by seconds. I don’t get it. But I love them. I really do.

Besides the fact that the are just fucking awesome they also make it nearly impossible for snobby cunt rock scene shits from other cities to talk shit on L.A. when they’re from here.

Here’s the video for “Eraser” which is just as cool as they are:

And here’s where they played “Eraser” on the Late Late Show after CBS told Randy Randall he couldn’t wear a Barack Obama t-shirt (So instead he taped the words “Free Health Care” to his t-shirt):

Here they are playing the L.A. River:

Here they are getting busted by the cops:

And here I’m leaving space for them to play at my house…