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Tom Long - Ice Cream Park

TOM LONG // ICE CREAM PARK from Alan Del Rio Ortiz on Vimeo.

Tom Long - Studio

If you have a mind, Tom Long’s work should blow it.

This two-part interview, originally shot for Stop Smiling, was directed by gentleman, scholar and Monday night poker hustler Alan Del Rio Ortiz (Vice, Stop Smiling) and produced by Ben Fasman.

Alan says “Tom Long creates hyper intricate landscapes and science fiction tinged paintings loosely based on ancient persian art.”

I say he has an invisible alien world living inside his head, the citizens of which are gradually migrating to ours every time he puts his mind to paper.

Here’s part one…

TOM LONG // STUDIO from Alan Del Rio Ortiz on Vimeo.

I can’t seem to find a home site for Tom Long, but if you want to see more of Mr. Ortiz’ work, check out