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2010 Coachella Lineup Announced

Feel free to use the following Sleep Never-approved equation to find your 2010 CLAR (Coachella Lineup Approval Rating):

CLAR = Bands You Give A Shit About Seeing ÷ Total Number of Bands Playing

Friday, for me, gets a 29% CLAR (12.5 ÷ 42), Saturday scored a 35% and Sunday gets a whopping 43%. This putting my total CLAR for the weekend at 36%. Not bad!

To a layman, these figures may sound low, but if I go to sleep at some point, wake up and leave the pool at a reasonable time, the stars align, and I make it to where I need to go, I’m still looking at nearly eight and a half hours (Bands You Give Give a Shit About X Average Band Set Time (40 minutes) ÷ 60 mins.) of pure listening enjoyment on Friday alone.

And when you consider that your daily ticket cost breaks down to $89.66 (minus ridiculous ass Ticketmaster fees), it appears we may actually getting our money’s worth this year.