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Yes, those are dreadlocks.

Yes, he lives in Berkeley.

Sure he looks exactly like the dude who sold you those bunk Bart Simpson tabs back at Electric Daisy Somethingorother in 1989/98, and rocks the oud as if anybody who actually listened to modern music knew what an oud was.

But this particular cyber-hippie’s also the “Father of Virtual Reality.” So listen and learn as Burning Man raps about modern humanism and the misdirection of the Google Gods current advertising strategy.

via Contagious.

For more on Lanier, check out his site or “Jaron Lanier: Loss of the virtual dream,” an interesting article from last month’s L.A. Times about Mr. Lanier’s beef with “cybernetic totalism.”

There Goes My Retirement…

What retirement?

Carl Sagan/Stephen Hawking “A Glorious Dawn” (Cosmos Remix)

EV “Charging Corridor” Links L.A. and San Francisco

A solar power company has joined a regional bank to create an “electric highway” of quick-charge stations linking San Francisco and Los Angeles. Check out the article via WIRED.

Interview with Zack Lynch, author of The Neuro Revolution

Mr. Lynch discusses how neuro technology will impact financial markets, law enforcement, politics, advertising and marketing, artistic expression, warfare, human spirituality and hanky panky.

Check it out at h+

Robots Learn to Cheat

So don’t say I didn’t warn you when that rusted-up android ho your deep-disking leaves you for a night of logic board-bumping with big man HAL 9000.

Check out the article HERE via WIRED.

Robot Negotiates With Man Outside Westwood Federal Building Who Threatened White House and V.A. Building


Meteor Shower of the Year Tonight

Counted 72 in a single hour last time I trekked out to the desert for THIS. Who’s driving?

The Next Hacking Frontier: Your Brain?


Met a girl once, many moons ago, while I was high on ecstasy at Dr. Spock’s house, who worked in MEM technology, working on brain implants to help paralysis victims move cursors across a screen by thinking them there.

She kept saying how boring everything she was saying was, and talking about what a dork she was and then yapped for two hours straight while I listened and walked around half naked, rolling my head off and petting metal goats.

If she didn’t look like Carrot Top, I probably would’ve ask her to marry me right there.

Anyway, check out this awesome Wired article HERE.

Derek Paravicini - Real Genius

The word “genius” is overused. A word once reserved for describing, well… genius, has been abused and re-inserted into our modern lexicon as a throw away term to describe just about anything that’s remotely cool.

Sure your new, extremely limited edition Nike kicks with the Iron Maiden “Eddie” character on the side are hot shit, but are they genius? No.

Sure Cocaine Rick putting an adult-size moon bounce in his back yard is awesome in a “look at how crazy Cocaine Rick is when he’s high on cocaine” way. But is it “genius?” No.

Lykke Li makes great music and everybody wants to make out with her, but is she a genius?

Einstein was a genius. Da Vinci… genius. Sir Isaac Newton, Oppenheimer, Beethoven, Michelangelo, Tesla (not the band), Marconi, Bell, Bjork, Dr. Albert Hofmann, Stephen Hawking… “The Real World: Cancun” is genius.

Derek Paravicini is undoubtedly a genius. Saw this guy on “Nova” the other night and was soon reminded of how not genius I am.

He was born weighing 1 lb. 5 oz., technically died 3 times while in the hospital and then, to make a seamless dramatic entrance, came back to life. He’s blind and autistic and, as a child, rocked the piano like Jimmy Hendrix did guitar in his prime, (with fists, elbows, face…) and now he’s an ivory-tickling “Rain Man” of sorts.

Sure he walks funny and sounds, oftentimes, like he’s answering the final question on a million dollar quiz show, but can you play “Flight of the Bumblebee” on two pianos at the same time?

To see Derek Paravicini - True Musical Genius Part 2/5 CLICK HERE.