Chicago VS. Cleveland in a Battle to the Def?

I know the title doesn’t make complete sense, but I like the way it reads.

Anyway, Hollywood Holt sent me his response to the challenge Cleveland’s 2 Boogie posed to him through me when I met him during ‘The Last Road Trip.’

I have to hand it Mr. Holt for his fairly even-keeled response to 2 Boogie’s threats. I know Nigel’s not afraid to throw a punch, so it’s nice see he’s willing to evolve for the sake of art and solve this on the dance floor.


I’d like to think this whole thing will end in a Midwestern ‘Thriller/West Side Story” style dance-off somewhere between Chicago and Cleveland. Detroit maybe?

8 Mile, high noon: Brakes squeal. Traffic stops. Backbiter Marv Albert (aka Marvin Philip Aufrichti) struts out between them, dressed in women’s lingerie and a flowing blonde wig and describes the scene to television viewers as two men enter, Holt on one side, 2 Boogie on the other, and one man leaves.

Let’s do this.

And if you haven’t seen Cleveland B-Body 2 Boogie’s Original Battle Challenge, here it is…

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