“Remote” - Twisted Visions of My Friend Peter at Age 14

Welcome to the first installment of “Remote,” an ongoing Sleep Never series that documents an illustrated journey into the beautifully warped mind of a budding young artist. Peter Wu still a bit curious now (see Art Rap with Peter Wu) but back in 1991 I’m sure to other kids in Bell River Ontario, he just seemed plain strange.

From what he tells me, though only 14 at the time, Peter sent these illustrations to a battery of internationally known magazines and newspapers (i.e.; The New York Times) with sincere hopes for a shot at the big time, and was rejected repeatedly. It seems the big shot, big city editors were unable to find it in their hardened hearts to publish young Peter’s work. So, being no stranger to failure myself, I’m publishing them on the interweb, now 17 years later, for your enjoyment.

So without further ado, I bring you “Doggie Suicide.”

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