“Passion. Do You Have What It Takes?”

What you are looking at is photo of Brett Sanderson of Headlights and his awesome rock face. This hilarious picture, along with the above caption, was sent in by Mr. Sanderson in response to a remark I made a while back about Brett’s vast repertoire of anguish-laden musical performance faces that wasn’t nearly as funny as his response, and not worth repeating here.

Had no idea the greater implications of this photo until I revisited 11 minutes ago. I always recognized the subtle power of this image, its purity, and the magnetic quality it possesses that disallows me to look away once I’ve laid my eyes upon it, but the magic of its meaning had yet to penetrate the surface of my fifty-thoughts-a-second having head.

One reason this drum face photo rules is simply because its so fucking relatable to anybody who’s ever made a face like this, players and fans alike, that it immediately cements our collective identity as part-time primal beasts.

I also love the fact that this picture reminded me of how often I see the “rock face” and fail to immediately laugh aloud. I had simply forgotten how totally hilarious it is to see somebody make a face like this or make one myself.

I’ve done it. You’ve done it. Be it singing in the car, playing air guitar or Rock Band on Wii, we have all done it to some extent. I’m doing it now in the mirror and I don’t even have an instrument in my hands. I look like an idiot. I look like I’m slaying an imaginary dragon. Take a look…

Retarded right?

But awesome too.

It is time to celebrate the faces of rock.

Send me photos of your favorite rock faces: guitar, drum and key faces, horn faces, of viola and bass faces, of others, of yourself, I don’t care.

For it is this iconic frozen image, the music-inspired primal dichotomy of creation and destruction that will bind future tongue wagging, arm flailing, drool dripping, karate kicking generations of musicians together and urge them to give their soul AND body to the music.

Let’s find power in our individual ugliness TOGETHER.

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