Dear Mr. President-elect, time to stop glad-handing and put your fist down

We all know Bush is a pussy and busy packing his bags.

But why the fuck hasn’t Barack said anything about this Israeli dirty business?

It’s bad enough that they banned foreign journalists, but then to bomb them where they sleep? Which is nothing compared to the approximately 698 innocent civilians they’ve slaughtered. And now they bomb a fucking UN refugee compound?!

Have to hand it to Israel. With the current President halfway out the door and the President-elect still picking out curtains, they couldn’t have picked a better time to savage the whole of Gaza.

And not a word from Obama?! I’m not asking him to hold a prime-time press conference. A simple comment would do.

I get it. Barack’s afraid of ruffling feathers of Jewish voters before he takes office, but if he can talk to the press about the financial crisis, about his mother-in-law moving into the White House and helping his children pick out the family dog, he sure as shit can hold one to condemn Israel for banning press, bombing press, killing a ridiculous numbers of civilians and bombing a UN refugee compound.

Even France stepped up today to condemn Israel’s bombing of the UN building. But not the U.S.

And here I thought we were the only country that could get away with such a belligerent use of force against our “enemies.”

If this was Lebanon, Syria, Iran, any Arab country — fuck it — any other country (well maybe not an poor African one) pulling this shit, the air campaign would’ve been over a week ago and we’d be dick deep in a ground invasion.

And so now I ask you, dear Mr. President-elect, the very same question the morose and sagacious Robert Spritzel asks of his maladroit son in The Weatherman, “Do you know that the harder thing to do and the right thing to do are usually the same thing?”

Time to step up Mr. Big Smile. We didn’t elect you to ignore problems. We elected you to help us solve them.

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