Coachella: Naked Guy Gets Tazed (Perspective #2)

Naked Wizard Tased By Reality from Tracy Anderson on Vimeo.

As it stands, I’m thinking Tracy Anderson may be the Abraham Zapruder of the “Naked Guy Gets Tazed” incident.

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  1. 1 ndamski (3 comments.)

    this whole thing really upset me. i don’t give two shits about what he’s on. it’s just a fucking penis. a really weird pimple-looking one, yes, but a simple penis still. i just can’t stand the idea of raising my kids in a country where you can be tazed for being naked in a venue where no one minds. i’m not trying to suggest there’s anything wrong with making fun of the fucking naked tazed wizard of the coachella valley, but we should include some mention of how fucked we are if even in california at a music festival this shit goes down.

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