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Fool’s Gold “Nadine”

(Starring Sleep Never’s “Mistress of Fashion” and T&T&A model Lauren Bradley)

Sleep Never “Mistress of Fashion” Lauren Bradley Shakes it at FUN Gallery Group Show

For Tony…

*Thanks to lolo0425 for posting.

Meet Sleep Never’s “Mistress of Fashion” – Lauren Bradley

When looking at this photo of Lauren one might be inclined to ask “how could Sleep Never’s “Mistress of Fashion” know anything about fashion when she’s barely wearing any clothes?”

Well “one” should know that although they may be, in theory, stating a good case for Lauren’s possible ineptitude on the subject of dress, they could not possibly know by this circa 07’ Nero Roman Disco photo alone that Lauren has not only had her duds snapped up by the likes of Mick Jagger, Perry Ferrel, Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake, but also designed for everybody from Regina Spektor and Pink to Robyn and Jill Scott.

Lauren and I met one night, nearly a decade ago, at Vine Bar, when Lauren was trying to convince a gay male friend of hers to make out with her. Her attempts to convince said man to engage in platonic Frenching fun rejected, Lauren literally turned, without looking I presume, latched onto my arm as I passed by and used my face to show her lip-dodging pal the ease with which her tongue would fit into another man’s mouth. My mouth. Awesome.

The scene probably looked something like this…

But this picture was actually taken in 2005, and not at the dirty-coke-on-the-damp-bathroom-counter Vine bar, but in the cocktail parlor of Christina Onassis’ old house in Palm Springs around the same time the photo below of Lauren and Larissa’s Qi inspection was taken.

Anyway, we’ve been friends ever since.

Now, acting as a much needed hot smart lady injection into the veins of Sleep Never, Lauren has agreed to show us what the world is wearing and help the fashion blind fumble through the closet or over the rack to find a look that might suit their style-crippled self.

To be honest, when I first asked myself how a fashion segment might fit into the Sleep Never fold, the first three thoughts that came to mind were “it doesn’t,” “fashion sucks,” and “fashion people suck.”

That’s not to say I don’t have amazing friends that work in the fashion “industry” and that I don’t try to rock a look myself. When I finally peel off my robe after being in it for three days straight and head to party I try to look… well… somewhat cool I guess. But I also wear the same pair of sunglasses until they fall apart and the same pair of kicks until I can feel the ground through the bottom when I walk.

I find shit that works and I work it, or at least I think it works, and that’s what matters.
Fuck the fashion police and the PR whores. You don’t have to be rich to have style and style is not something that can be bought anyway.

Dolly Parton, whether you like it or not, has style.

Our friend Ed has style. If he had one, he could throw on a bright orange moth-ravaged sweatshirt with the word ‘Balls’ written across it, a pair of plaid overalls and a 10-gallon hat and somehow it would work. That’s just Ed.

And what about the 84 year old half blind tour bus driver you met when you were shrooming at Epcot Center, the one with the wide-brimmed pink wicker sunhat, the matching poppy-print Kulats and the Blublockers she’s been wearing since 1983, is that not a look? It may not be your look, but it’s a look nonetheless.

Bottom line is the world of fashion belongs to all of us and just because you’re broke doesn’t mean you have to look like a dick.

So trust Lauren. Even though she’s prone to near nudity in pictures, doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to dress.

*Thanks to Will Calcutt for the dirty/cool makeout/qi inspection photos.

Tis the Recession – Your Sleep Never Holiday Shopping Guide

Story by Lauren Bradley
Thrift Photos by Lauren Bradley and Lelah Foster

The “holiday shopping season” is always kicked off on “Black Friday,” and this year, as America and most of the Western World is in the grips of a recession, it was darker than most. A 6’5” 270 lb. security guard was actually trampled to death by panicked mob of shoppers 2,000 strong, racing to snatch up bargains when the doors of a Long Island Walmart opened this past November, 28th.

Have you been to Walmart lately! I wouldn’t take 99% of that crap home if somebody gave it to me! Given the nature of the upcoming religious holiday, it might be “apropos to ask, What Would Jesus Do? And though I don’t claim to have what one might call a ‘personal’ relationship with Jesus myself, I’m guessing he wouldn’t trample and kill an employee at a shitty discount store to get his hands on a pair of deep discount Mountain Dew Men’s Pajama Pants. The sick/sad scene certainly does give a whole new meaning to the term ‘Bargain Hunter’ though.

So how does one navigate the elements this year? Thrift!

Thrift it all!

It is guiltless, rewarding and good for the environment. Everything is always on sale and nobody ever gets trampled. Its “green”, and green, not only a Christmas color, it is also tres chic right now.


1) LOOK FOR QUALITY MATERIALS= Natural fibers are best, silks, wools, cashmere, linen, cotton, fur, and leather (chill out Peta, if someone skinned me, I’d rather end up on somebody’s back than getting moldy on the change rack a thrift store!). Avoid synthetics such as acrylic and polyester. The colors are flat, the fabrics don’t breath, and they usually pill and wear faster.

2) LOOK FOR QUALITY MANUFACTURING= Inspect items, and how they were made, I have found that things made in Italy or the USA have a longer life-span than goods made in China or Taiwan. Also, look for wear and tear, and how much life the item still has in it.

3) LOOK FOR LABELS= while you are checking out the materials used and manufacturing, also brush up on your labels, some stuff is worth more than others.

4) ACCESSORIZE!!!= sometimes a unique accessory will take an outfit from boring to “crowd pleaser” status.

Left to Right by row:

ROW 1 - Black mini dress, early 80’s “Zaiko Muraoka” $7.99/silver (sterling) - (faux) gold bangle (looks like a Tom Binn’s piece, but its not), $4.99 - Black leather pumps, 80’s “Charles Jourdan” $6.99

ROW 2 - Fun velvet party dress w satin ruffles, early 80’s, $14.99 - Jeweled compact (made me think of Gustuv Klimpt), 40’s, $5.99 - Fur hat, $5.99

ROW 3 - Cotton “handmade, no label” cocktail dress, 50’s style$1.50!!!! - Sterling silver ring, $5.99 - Silk cocktail dress Jean Paul Gautier, $6.99 w/ vintage fur (fox) stole, 40’s, $40.00

ROW 4 - Faux peacock necklace $19.99 - Cashmere beaded sweater, silk lined, 50’s, $5.99 - Leather pumps, 90’s Cinthia Rowley, $4.99