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Passion for the Possible: The Work of Sister Corita

A short (brought to you by the same gentlemen responsible for “Beautiful Losers“) screens tonight and the show starts tomorrow at CSUN Art Galleries.

So go check it out. Should be dope.

Go See ‘Beautiful Losers.’

A post tour screening forced my brain back into functioning again.

Only a director with a sincere understanding of the artist’s nature could make an intimate portrait of such varied personalities possible. To see their language made common in a world that has almost always typified the artist as eccentric, is refreshing.

With gorgeous footage shot and pulled together by Alleged Gallery Founder Aaron Rose from a variety of formats, seamlessly edited by Lenny Messina and driven by a dope score by Money Mark, ‘Beautiful Losers’ need pull no punches to inspire as it tells the story of Rose, Alleged and fourteen DIY American artists moving up in the 90’s ‘pop’ scene that spawned them and growing into their art and adulthood without ‘growing up.’

Knowing some of the creators and subjects personally and having witnessed their journey over the years only made my journey sweeter.

I guess sometimes it feels good to get old.