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Mr. Big Butt Back Again

and running out of ideas.

* Found on light post in front of GNC on the corner of Formosa and Melrose.

Change Came. I Slept In.

Last night I sat and wept alone when they called it. DJ’d a quick America The Beautiful/The Horrible set for three before I went out. Threw down some Ron Clark Academy, Don McClean, David Bowie, Cornelius, Radiohead, MC5, Prince, Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, LCD Soundsystem, Tom Petty, the US Airforce Band, some other shit, and somehow worked (forced) in the Presets at the end. Hit up a party. Went to Gold Room to see Dr. Wu. Drank a bit. Danced a lot. Yelled ‘Yes We Can!’ about 300 times, at friends and strangers alike. There were lots of hugs and high fives all around.

And then I woke up and soon realized that hope, like my daily dose of SAM-E, did not replace the fear, but only made it more manageable.

My worry is that we will all forget what’s important as soon as the Barack buzz wears off just like we dropped the ‘my brother’s keeper’ ball after 9/11. After the towers went down, people gave a shit about this country and about each other again for about three weeks. I remember how quiet the streets were. Everybody sitting at the stop sign waving ‘no, you go,’ to one another. I was counting down the days until the horns started blasting again and I think I made it to something like 22.

I first got excited about politics during Bill Clinton’s campaign. He somehow inspired me to give a shit about something other than music, movies, drugs and girls. Maybe it was the saxophone or the Fleetwood Mack. Who knows. Anyway, mid-nineties I moved from Chicago to LA and the future looked bright (stress on the ‘looked’ part). I was broke, but the country was fat with tech cash. There was no war that we could see, terrorism seemed a world away, torture was something other countries did to their prisoners and the most famous BJ in the world, from my perspective, was merely proof that our president had a pulse. The American Dream looked to again be in reach and I got comfortable. I got lazy. I didn’t care to say much more than ‘turn that shit up, man.’

And then Bush was elected. 9/11 hit. We invaded Afghanistan. We invaded Iraq. I devoured every bit of information I could on the rich and sordid history and politics of our country and poured over thousands upon thousands of pages detailing many of the very bad things our country has done, in secret, in the middle of the night, without it’s citizens knowing, and with no regards for the law, let alone wrong or right. (It’s one thing to be aware of the fact that the CIA helped make possible the coup that removed Chilean President Salvador Allende from power in 1973, but a crazy new world of fear opens up when you read through declassified CIA documents discussing his takedown.) And as freaked the fuck out as I was, I was once again possessed by my thirst for the truth and hope for the future.

We all too quickly forget what we stand to lose when we are happy. Positivity is obviously a good thing, but too much of it can be numbing.

As I watched Barack’s electoral vote count race towards 270 in the final hours, the weight that big sad reality couldn’t help but taint my idea of what a victory would mean. There’s only one Barack after all and if he gets too tied up in his daily presidential rigmarole, too busy to inspire, re-inspire and inspire again, this country will quickly fall back to sleep.

In his acceptance speech, Barack addressed my fear, calling us all into the service of our country, believing in us as we have believed in him. He’s already made history and has a chance to make more, so I’m going to trust him for now. But can I trust me?