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Looking for Work? Look No Further! “Mr. Big Butts” Has a Job For You!

Not sure what positions he’s hiring and to be frank I’m frightened to ask. But it’s good to see Mr. Big Butts back on his feet. The last time Mr. Big Butts posted he was looking for some “help with things” and now he’s paying whatever good fortune he must’ve found forward by offering the public above minimum wage jobs a state faced with 11 percent unemployment.

Kudos to you, Mr. Butts!

To take a look back at the long and winding, copy paper-plastered road Mr. Big Butts has traveled thus far in ‘09 click HERE.

Ladies, If You’ve Had A Hard Time Getting Ahold of Mr. Big Butt’s Lately, It’s Because He Has A New Number.

Here ‘ya go…

*Found on the southwest corner of Melrose and Poinsettia.

Mr. Big Butt Back Again

and running out of ideas.

* Found on light post in front of GNC on the corner of Formosa and Melrose.

Byron Scott aka Bob Marley aka Mr. Big Butt is now LL Cool J

And I’m totally over it. Dude’s totally “jumped the shark.” Time to reveal yourself or at least answer the phone.

Yeah. That’s me calling to let you know your 15 seconds is up.

Bob Marley aka Mr. Big Butt is now Byron Scott?!

I don’t care whether Byron Scott aka Bob Marley aka Mr. Big Butt’s flyer handiwork is a simple product of boredom, a clever, covert comical pitch for prostitution, or part of an elaborate performance art piece, I’m just happy he exists.
Now if he’d just return my calls so I could help him with things…

Walter Meego

“I love T-Pain. It’s awesome. I can’t get enough of it.” - Colin Yarck


‘I guess I was about 5 years old. My sister Nancy took me to the cemetery to visit my other sister Bonnie’s grave for the first time. We wrote her a message in chalk on the headstone, something about loving and missing her. It started to rain as we drove off in Nancy’s powder blue late seventies Mustang. Supertramp “The Logical Song” was playing on the radio and I was freaking out because I was worried Bonnie wasn’t going to get the message.’ - kostrzak