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Monk Fight

Armenian vs. Greek Orthodox. Looks like the pit at a Minor Threat show circa 1982. Not sure who came out the victor in this battle. Pretty sure they’ll never be a winner of the war, but the bout went down at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem last Sunday.

Serafim, a Greek Orthodox Monk, calls bullshit on the Armenian team at the end of the video, says it started with a sucker punch. And who hits a man wearing glasses? Shit’s weak.

Last time the monks exchanged fisticuffs was on Palm Sunday. So considering that fact that it’s already on the regular, I say we do this right, in Vegas at the MGM. Somebody call Don King.

God is love.

Couples Therapy

Direct your props to Conti on this one. You could throw that score under paint drying and it would somehow end up being epic.

Epicly ridiculous.