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Met up for a friend?s bday at some music ?industry? BBQ which, for whatever reason, was sans music until Money Mark graced us with a quick jam on the grand piano in the living room five minutes after the owner came outside, around 6 o? clock, and informed the few partygoers there were that we all had to be out in 15 minutes.

Then we went to see the first stop on The Shoe?s (aka Jena Malone?s band?s) LA ?tour.? The two-piece set up their gear on Hoover just south of Melrose, decorated a dilapidated storefront with patio lights and played a short set of what I can only describe as sociopolitically-informed nineteenth century carnival spirituals. Almost like listening to an antique music box performed by a live band + tortured pitchy passionate female vocals. And it was a family affair: her little sister played trombone and her mother sang a tune.

Watching Jena play brought me back to the acid days and the unhinged sounds that it coerced out of me: some great, some horrifying, and all of them honest. The obvious difference being that Jena wasn?t on acid, which makes her 10 times more awesome.

Nice to see somebody so possessed by the sounds they make for a change, especially in LA. Not sure if I?d listen to it every day, but I?ll definitely go see her again. She made me happy. Everybody was smiling. The only dog there was smiling. People pulling their cars over to watch. Others honked. One guy screamed ?punk rock? out his window as he drove by, probably not knowing how right he was.

Email Angela.Leus@weinsteinco.com and tell her to send them to me I?ll get them faster and post them. I didn?t have my camera so she shot them with her phone.

Hours later ? TIRES SCREECHING ? METAL SLAMMING — CRUNCHING ? I open my front door — sprinting shirtless into the night towards Melrose and Formosa as I see an SUV back out of a folded up Yummy delivery car, hit the gas and flee the scene, nearly taking out a witness on a Ducati as he rides up.

Uninjured, the driver got out of the car fast enough to get the license number. The delivery guy?s insurance company called me Wednesday. They caught the guy. Some punk from Carson. Justice will be served.
I just can?t erase from my memory the look on the Yummy delivery ?guy?s? face as he checked out his totaled car, the modest means that gave him life just a pile of twisted scrap on the street. Sad.

So when you see these warriors of American consumerism navigating the unpredictable streets of your city, remember how wonderful it is to see that guy when you?re cupboards are bare, you?re crazy high and you?ve got the munchies, or your party?s dying and you?re losing your buzz.

Maybe next time, if you don?t already, greet that person dropping off those 5 cases of Budweiser, that pack of Parliments or pint of Phish Food, with wave or a smile or a combo of the two, a thumbs up to say good job, and ALWAYS tip. However you decide to show your love, always remember to be good to delivery guy because I guarantee that most of the time his day is sucking worse then yours is.