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Bad Taste. Where Does It Come From? (A photo study of my Lake Tahoe vacation rental home)

When you have a natural view like this…

Why display a crudely painted duo of ill-conceived views like this on your wall?

Where does bad taste come from?

The assumption would be that it’s a learned behavior. But doesn’t any reasonably educated person take a basic art history class at some point?

So why would they put up something like this?

Or this?

Am I an asshole? Sure. Can I paint? Not really.

But could it be stamped into one’s genetic code? The idea that this…

Isn’t simply a handy dust mite catcher, but also an object of beauty?

This is nice (and fecal).

Birds in the bedroom make me wanna fuck…

and dune scenes in the hallway always soothe me.

Christmas decorations are a whole crazy world of bad unto themselves. Take a look at what I found in the living room cabinet…

Why do I look at these angels and immediately want to objectify them?

Am I just another bearded perv on the nod like Santa Claus?

Or would I be safe to say they’re asking for it?

I love when people point out the obvious with signs and stickers like the way some people put Chevy stickers all over their Chevy cars, or Calvin peeing on a Ford symbol on the back window of their Chevy truck, but what’s even better is when somebody puts a Calvin peeing on a Ford symbol sticker on the back window of their Ford truck.

Regardless of whether the driver is just a complete idiot or a self-loathing Ford owner, bearing witness to the statement always rewards my face with a warm smile.

So in case you didn’t know where you are… You’re at “THE BAR.”

And no self-respecting home decorator could consider themselves completely uninspired without putting the archetypal oil of dilapidated sailboats on display. Yay! SAILBOATS!