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Rock-A-Fire Explosion: Reviews and Report Cards

A- / B+. “While I was expecting the history of an animatronic sensation from this movie, I had no idea I was in for such a treat. I don’t know what part I enjoyed the most - the roller rink love story, the chicken dancing neighbors, the creepy as shit time capsule of a warehouse / robotanimal birthplace, or the sincere love and pure happiness found within the fans. You want to mock them but you find yourself just wanting to hear more from them.” Erin Comerford, Echo Park

A! “So much fun, it will make you instantly forget that you spent 27 hideous minutes looking for a parking spot, as you cursed the dreaded hipster neighborhood that spawned its “non-readily available parkingness”, and then when you finally did land a spot, realized you were still nowhere near the theatre and so you walked briskly, but didn’t quite run, wondering if you were, in fact, missing the movie, and if you were, would you still want to see it and wait, what was i saying?…This movie will make you smile big and bright.” - Dustin Rubin/Echo Park

A-. “An affectionate poignant reminder that nothing ever truly dies. Somewhere in America right now, there is a grown man in parachute pants playing ColecoVision and eating Fruit Brute cereal. And his name is Gary. Gary, this one’s for you.” - Dan Tice, West Hollywood

A. “What they said.” - Chris K., Earth