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How I’m Spending My Summer Vacation: Shooting Kill Hannah’s Hope for the Hopeless Tour - Episode Two

Episode Two: Eugene, Portland, Seattle…
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Kill Hannah

‘We’re the jock strap of the music world. We offer support.’ - Mat Devine


2:00 a.m. Post Garage Glasgow Cantonese. Matt’s sick. Johnny’s drunk. Greg may just eat his own arm. Dan’s back on the bus, covered in kitten blood, casting spells on the guitar tech. On the bright side, ‘McFuck’ is prepared to give the interview of his life.

Word Association/Character Assassination

Perfect Day
Post Show Ugliness

Matt (UK)

Mad’chester. Not enough space to list the greats. A teen me thought to run away here once.To be an Ian or an Ian or of a New Order. Finally made it. On zero sleep with zero time and nowhere quiet to shoot but the bathroom.

Coors Light Commercial

Coors Light Commercial (Outtakes)

Only after running out of hookers and blow and losing the keys to the Bentley, did we decide to see if Johnny could catch a beer without looking. Had no idea skinny had mitts, but after taking a couple in the head, his pass reception percentage soared.

Spa Talk - Wolverhampton

In celebration of Imbolc I leave for you, my Druid friends, this Scottish Gaelic proverb: The serpent will come from the hole, on the brown Day of Bride, though there should be three feet of snow, on the flat surface of the ground.

KH 101