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Darkwave Disco is Back

And dancing has never been so dirty, literally. Listen for yourself…

Hangover Day Message by Greg Corner. Footage by Arturo. Re-edit by Me.

The Gaylords “Everybody Dance Now” Live @ RednoFive

If you weren’t there Saturday night, I’m sorry for you. And if you were there, but woke up on Sunday wondering if it was all some crazy Belvedere-soaked lucid dream, here’s proof it happened.

Yes, that is me rapping.

No, I did not get all the words right.

Yes, I’m pretty sure I said “I’m just a squirrel” twice.

No, we are not wearing green b/c of St. Patrick’s Day.

Yes, Donica stole the show.

CLICK HERE to see The Gaylords perform “Hey Ya!”

Gaylords Transmission #3

Gaylords Transmission #2

Gaylords Transmission #1

Hide Your Seasonal Affective Disorder Faces Chicago! Icy Hell’s Favorite Party Band Is Back!

Lords of fun The Gaylords will be rocking your nu-wave and party anthem favorites live at Red No. 5’s 11 year Anniversary Saturday, March 14th! So break out your beer bongs and your short shorts, Spring Break’s come early this year.

For more on the Gaylord’s check out THEIR MYSPACE.

East Coast Alternateens Feeling Sleep Never: An Interview with Scene Trash Magazine

1. So I guess we should start with the basic introduction; what you were like as a kid, what lead you to where you are now, why you do what you do, and all that other stereotypical BS interviewees dread. Anything you would like our readers to know about you.

I’m from Chicago. I barely made it out of the womb. I was subjected to attending Catholic grade school. I spent a lot of time in the convent, nuns looming over me, writing about why I wouldn’t do certain things anymore.

If I was a terrible child, I’m an adequate adult. To provide here some sort of anecdote that would explain how my worldview came to shape, would be to force your reader into indulging in a tale as long and tangled as the Dead Sea Scrolls and they’ve probably already turned the page.

But here’s the gist: I played in bands, did a lot of drugs, cheated death, went to film school, interned at Cannes, read a lot of books, wrote a lot, shot a lot, moved to LA, did some more drugs, optioned a couple of screenplays and watched them die, cheated death, read a lot of books, wrote a lot, shot a lot, and here I am today.

As for why? As Philippe Petit said when asked why he decided to risk his life and walk a wire suspended between the rooftops of the World Trade Center’s twin towers in 1974, “There is no “”why.’’”

2. You recently accompanied Kill Hannah on the US leg of their Hope For The Hopeless Tour; what sort of job/occupation do you have that allows you to travel like that?

No job. That’s the kind of job I have. I like to consider myself semi-professional moment collector.

3. Filming for KH TV must have been a riot. What are your top three favourite ‘behind-the-scenes’ moments from the tour?

Rarely were there ‘behind the scenes’ moments. You can see most of it at www.sleepnever.com or on the upcoming Kill Hannah ‘Seize the Days’ DVD.

The rest is to be committed forever to the memory of the warriors who took part in the battle and never to be spoken of again. Next question.

4. When I interviewed Greg back in August, I believe he mentioned somethig about the two of you having been in a band together at some point…are you still making music?

Yes. I still make music, sporadically. Usually what I’ll do once a year or so is write an entire album of songs, polish and perfect them, rehearse them and bury them. It’s a cruel cycle, but I hate ‘the industry’ and I can’t stand being around most people long enough to be in a band with them. Not that I’m some prize either. In the down time, to keep myself away from the kitchen knife drawer, I score some of the Sleep Never pieces and I’m in the process of doing a remix of Lykke Li’s ‘Dance, Dance, Dance.’

5. I met you in August as well, on the boardwalk in Asbury Park, when you were asking people to speak about ‘THE BOSS.’ Everyone seemed willing and friendly enough then, but have you ever had a problem filming someone due to hostility issues?

I was threatened by a parking lot attendant in Orlando and attacked in Seattle by a homeless man, but I’ve also rolled through the slums of Cleveland alone at 3 a.m. and gotten the best footage of my life, so it balances out.

Surprisingly, about 95% of the people I approach have no problem being interviewed.

Thanks for not punching me in the face BTW.

6.What lead you to create a website, and why did you decide to call it “Sleep Never?”

Sleep Never was born out of necessity. I made an impulse decision and built the original site out less than 48 hours after having the initial idea to create it. The company I was working for was in total financial and creative chaos and I didn’t want all the hard work I did to go to waste. The purpose of the site kind of changes every day as ‘what keeps me awake’ does.

As for the name, I stole the saying from a tag that was thrown up on a wall off Melrose Avenue, near my house. I’m a natural insomniac. Have been since I was a child. I hadn’t slept more than a few hours in three days or so and I was starting to lose my shit when I saw the words tagged on an alley wall and had a bit of a freak out. The state I was in… the words on the wall… It was just too much. As soon as I got home, I googled the phrase and nothing but ads for No-Doze derivatives came up, so I jacked it.

7. I admire and enjoy the sarcasm/satire in some of your blog posts…do you ever worry that your message is sometimes lost on your readers?

No. If they don’t get it, they aren’t ‘my’ readers.

8. When you go out and film, do you go places because you’ve heard of them, or do you go in hopes of catching something worthwhile? Do you find the moments, or do the moments find you?

Depends. Obviously many times I’ll go out with the specific intention of covering a subject (band, event, etc.), but much of the best stuff I capture comes to me. Rarely do I have to look for a story. I appreciate the fact that my life is not ordinary, that I have a knack of being around when shit goes down. People, for reasons unbeknownst to me, seem to always want to indulge me in their truth. Maybe it’s just because I choose to listen, I don’t know, but my life has always been this way. The only difference now is that I’ve got my finger on ‘record.’

9. Are you into any other arts as well?

I was a screenwriter for years, but now I’ve switched to short stories and I’m about 1/3 through my first novel. I paint, but I suck, though I still put them up in my house and push them on friends in lieu of gifts that actually cost money. It’s nice to be at an age where there’s little delusion. There are things I enjoy doing, but I also know what I’m actually good at, and painting’s not one of things.

10. If you were commissioned to film a documentary, totally on your terms, and about any current issue(s), what would some of your top choices be, and why?

The Right To Die: Because I’ve watched a lot of people die. And it sucks, but it’s something we’re all going to do. I’m going to do it. You’re going to do it. We’re all going to do it. Hate to say it, but people really do forget and it’s an affront to humanity to keep those in pain on this earth because some stranger thinks that choice should be left to ‘God.’ God doesn’t vote, and to think that organized religion still has a say in how we address our personal freedoms infuriates me. What fucking century are we living in?

For anybody that would question my motivation in addressing the subject, I’d tell them to spend an hour in a terminal cancer ward, at the bedside of a patient whose morphine is wearing off, and then ask why.

There, I said it. Fuck the Queen! Fuck the police! Next subject…

Modest Mouse: Because I met Isaac when they were still sleeping on couches (though I don’t know him now) and I knew from the minute I met him that he would be where he is today. He is one of the great lyrical geniuses of our time and people deserve to know him a little better, though that might be exactly what he doesn’t want, so maybe they could just score the ‘Right to Die’ doc instead.

11. If someone were to make a documentary about YOU, what would it be called? Assuming that Sleep Never was not an option, of course.

Failing Better.

12. What are your future plans for Sleep Never?

I could tell you how I’d like it to become a self-staining, ever-evolving dialogue fueled by passion and pain about society at large, our place in it, and each of our unique perspectives on it, but I really need to finish editing this post on my mad artist friend Peter Wu.

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