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A Great Dinner Conversation (In Review)

*photo credit: unknown/date: unknown, but definitely taken sometime prior to 93 days ago.

Here are a few of the topics that Dustin, Erin, Katie and I touched upon at dinner last night while we were held captive in their home by a ghost who broke the archaic, skeleton-key activated door and used his invisible hands to force feed us copious amounts of bread pudding. (These are in no particular order and their link references do not necessarily reflect the subjects of discussion on said topic.)

The Swine Flu

The Bulls


Chilly Willy

Bread Pudding

The Fabulous Thunderbirds

Being the boss and not the beggar

Weather control

Hand jobs

Bad hand jobs



Statutory Rape

Suspected rapists


The urethra

Late Bloomers

Young Ho’s

Pregnant Teens

Pregnant Mannequins



Getting caught masturbating

The clapper

Lykke Li

Paul McCartney

My Bloody Valentine

Leonard Cohen

Late of the Pier

Brandon Flowers and how confused he is about how important the Killers are.

The quick rise and long fall of emo

My man whore roommate, my celibate roommate and the fact that they share a wall.

Real Rockstars

The Real Housewives (of various regions)

The Hills

Summer Heights High

Adult Swim

Bret Easton Ellis

Studs Terkel

Useless inventions


Identity Theft

Cute things children do

Rich, homophobic, racist, sexist bigots




False prophets

Christian Audigier





Cliché, ex-addict, closet new age hippies

The tech industry

Alcoholic Private Investigators


Multi-dimensional theory

Divine Mathematics



The elderly





and Death

COACHELLA whereyoucanfindme FRIDAY

Dancing my face off…
The Presets – “My People”

Buraka Som Sistema – “Sound of Kuduro”

So I can say I’ve seen him…
Paul McCartney “A Day in the Life” (Live at Anfield Stadium, Liverpool 2008)

To cry just a little bit…
Leonard Cohen – “Chelsea Hotel”

To feel both worldly and dumb…
Beirut – “Elephant Gun”

To hear this song…
Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band - “Cape Canaveral”

To see if they’re any better live than the rest of the bands they sound like…
White Lies – “Death”
(OK. Would’ve liked to have shown the video here, but the embedding function’s been disabled on youtube so thieving heathens like me will be discouraged from helping promote the band apparently. And so I say “good luck to you, sirs.”)

To really listen…
M. Ward “Hold Time”

With hopes they’re fun…
Los Campasinos – “You! Me! Dancing!”

Because Ian Curtis is dead, Primal Scream isn’t on the bill and The Jesus and Mary Chain are still in some form of limbo.
A Place to Bury Strangers – “To Fix The Gash In Your Head”