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The Gaylords “Everybody Dance Now” Live @ RednoFive

If you weren’t there Saturday night, I’m sorry for you. And if you were there, but woke up on Sunday wondering if it was all some crazy Belvedere-soaked lucid dream, here’s proof it happened.

Yes, that is me rapping.

No, I did not get all the words right.

Yes, I’m pretty sure I said “I’m just a squirrel” twice.

No, we are not wearing green b/c of St. Patrick’s Day.

Yes, Donica stole the show.

CLICK HERE to see The Gaylords perform “Hey Ya!”

Gaylords Transmission #3

Gaylords Transmission #2

Gaylords Transmission #1

Hide Your Seasonal Affective Disorder Faces Chicago! Icy Hell’s Favorite Party Band Is Back!

Lords of fun The Gaylords will be rocking your nu-wave and party anthem favorites live at Red No. 5’s 11 year Anniversary Saturday, March 14th! So break out your beer bongs and your short shorts, Spring Break’s come early this year.

For more on the Gaylord’s check out THEIR MYSPACE.

The Gaylords “Hey Ya!” Live @ RednoFive 3.14.09