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2008 3rd Annual Goodoctors Awards

Tune in now to see who won ‘Swag Master of the Year,’ ‘Assclown of the Year,’ ‘Wickedest Move in a Video,’ the ‘Bishop of Baking Soda’ Award and ‘Chick You’d Like To Bust Down.’ hosted by Terry Hogan, Reece Rolex and featuring Hollywood Holt, Million $ Mano and Donnis.

Thanks to Pugz Atomz of Chicago for sending this in.

Check out his tracks at myspace.com/pugsleeatomz.

Shit’s tight.

Hollywood Holt

‘In reality, girls like mopeds.’ - Hollywood Holt

Mopeds - Warbucks - Murder Club

The would-be Battle of Funky Buddha Lounge

Kenny G. - Wu-Tang - Neptunes - Big L - Big Pun - Joe Strummer

On ‘Hollywood’

Either/Or - Last Song on Earth