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Production Y Destruction

So I met this guy Champ (above) at Paranorm’s First Annual Horse Tournament Yesterday.

I shot like shit. Champ shot a little better: from the pool, the hot tub, from behind the tree. And not only did he shoot the lights out, but after knocking back a couple of Purple People Eaters, he knocked a tile off the roof, leveled a table in the garage, sent a CD player, some cell phones, hats, drinks and an I-pod crashing to the floor, and later fell through the same roof he knocked a tile off of while trying to get the ball that he shot onto it off of it.

But at some point prior to embarking on his daylong, one man demolition of Paranorm’s house, this hip-hop Charlie Chaplin released a White Stripes/MC mash-up project that you should check out.

Here’s trailer…

Adrian Champion Presents: Stars & Stripes - The White Stripes Reimagined from Adrian Champion on Vimeo.