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Sleep Never’s Top 15 “Moments” of 08′

Big year. Weird year. Crazy fuckin’ year.

Started Sleep Never on a whim back in April and in the 9 months since launch I’ve shot everybody from Tony Stamolis to The Ting Tings, toured the country, DJ’d for hordes of crazies, directed live broadcasts of diva pop stars, produced and directed the first “ride along” downloadable feature-length music documentary and a second “epidemic feature” that’s just about ready for your eyes. Had my “moments” stolen by everybody from NME to weird Christian websites and spent a whole lot more time smiling in 08′ than I have in years.

Along the way, I met amazing and awful people: criminals and superstars, gangbangers, drug dealers, cellists, BMXers, masked bandits, mob members, Jesus freaks, politicians and men who live in abandoned drive up bank teller machines. I’ve been threatened by fathers and offered daughters by their mothers, watched people die and celebrated life in the slums of Cleveland and at mansions in Beverly Hills.

Above all, the world did get smaller and I learned something new every day. About me. About you.

As for the future, 09’s blinding me right now, but I’ve seen that light before so I’m throwing up the heat shield until all systems are go. Until then, guaranteed there will be more moments and music and a bunch of other stuff, bigger stuff, better stuff if all goes well.

So thanks for the submissions and emails: positive, negative, dirty, inspirational or otherwise. Knowing you’re there keeps me here.

Now on to the Top 15 (in no particular order). Here we go…

All Knight,

1. Cleveland: This Man Lives in an Abandoned Bank Teller Machine and Probably Has A Better Attitude Towards Life Than You Do

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2. Masked Boise Bandits Steal Hearts

3. Asshole Parking 101

For the rest of the Asshole Parking 101 Trilogy CLICK HERE

4. San Diego Strip Mall Raver Reveals Glow Stick Secrets. Does Not Blow Mind of Host.

5. The (Not So Delicate) Art of the 4:00 a.m. Haircut

6. Millvale, PA: Mysterious Caller Inspires Host to Find Vern

7. Eugene Flute Maker/Cab Driver Gives Tips on How to Score with Mormon Chicks

8. Ft. Lauderdale Spring Break Survivor Tells All

9. Sleep Never Hosts Salt Lake City American Idol Auditions

10. Sleep Never ‘Fishes’ Puget Sound - Catches Z’s/Sharks

11. Denver Big Band Legend Sells Truth

12. Fetish Party Fun Time

13. Former Boston Resident Brings Cello/Hope to Salt Lake City

14. Eugene BMX Daredevil Advocates Legalization of Marijuana

15. California Dreamin’

‘That’s what made me fall in love with this song, that flute.’ Mr. K Earth

Cleveland: This Man Lives in an Abandoned Bank Teller Machine and Probably Has A Better Attitude Towards Life Than You Do

I want to introduce you to Keith. I met Keith at around 3 a.m. while wandering what was unanimously voted in my day there, by area residents, the worst part of Cleveland. The most poverty stricken parts of which could easily pass for the South Bronx circa ‘75.

Keith lives in an abandoned drive-through bank teller machine. And it was there that we sat drinking beers, talking music and life, love and death and watching the Olympics until dawn.

In the end I got fairly drunk, and chose to focus more on the moment than on its coverage. A specific detail I opted not to shoot was the candlelit shrine Keith had made to his daughter. I happened to meet Keith on the anniversary of her death.

Keith’s daughter was killed by a drunk driver a few years ago and from what I understand, Keith had a hard time recovering and was living on the streets until recently.

Like me, Keith has every reason to think this world is shit.

But Keith still leaves his door open at night. And as crazy as that may sound to you, I understand why.

People like Keith are the reason I do Sleep Never.

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