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Former Boston Resident Brings Cello/Hope to Salt Lake City

Pour Some Out for Tim Russert

Jacket’s and I were just chatting the other day about how this dude is so incredibly on 24-7, and so passionate about his job and politics that it must affect the rest of his life in crazy ways.

I was saying how certain I was that he talked to himself non-stop even when the camera wasn’t rolling: in the bathroom, in the NBC studio hallways, in the car on his ride home from work, in the valet line after dinner, in bed, his wife sleeping beside him, and all night long, about Bush and Iraq, about Barack and how Muslim he’s not, about Hillary’s refusal to stop being Hillary, Myanmar refusing aid, about global warming, China quaking, Pakistan security forces swallowing friendly bombs, oil prices rising, the mortgage crisis taking homes, tornadoes taking homes, John McCain being old and not Bush.

I’m pretty sure I also said something about him dying on camera one day, or at least I was thinking it and sure enough Mr. Russert collapsed on the job.

He’s so wound up about something in this picture that he’s not even taking a peek at Pamela Anderson’s breasts.

Come on! I know she’s old and beat and they’re fake but… It’s Pamela fucking Anderson!

Now that’s a man dedicated to his work.

I’m gonna miss this guy.

Wonder what his Last Song on Earth was…

Was going to write something about this ridiculous US Marine Corps Ad

But Gawker did it for me.