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Sleep Never’s Interview with Jaguar Love

If you haven’t heard of them already, Jaguar Love is the latest project from ex-”Bloody Brothers” members Johnny Whitney and Cody Votolato and “Pretty Girls Make Graves” multi-instrumentalist J. Clark.

Their new(ish) album “Take Me To The Sea” is proof that they’ve grown up without growing tired. They’ve written songs you can sing along to and hold on to, but still packed them with enough sick time shifts, screams, off-kilter riffs and fills to never let you forget where they came from.

Here’s 3:44 with Cody.

Comfort Inn - Jawbreaker - Punk? - The Four Agreements - Communication - George Bush - Egon Schiele - The Band

Sleep Never “Last Song on Earth” Mixtape

What a person would choose to listen to on their way to the big lights out says a lot about them: whether they’re a lighthearted, nostalgic, happy-go-lucky, hateful or melodramatic person, whether they take this life too seriously or the idea of their own death not seriously enough.

Or maybe they just absolutely love the shit out of ‘Holiday Road’ by Lindsey Buckingham and want to make sure they stock up on enough echoes of the chorus to last them for eternity, whatever their destination.

You get the idea.

Anyway, here are some selections made by artists that have appeared on Sleep Never:

1. ?Pure Imagination? ? Willy Wonka (Erin Fein, Headlights)
2. ?Ambulance vs. Ambulance? ? The Blood Brothers (Lillica Libertine)
3. ?Cool for Cats? ? Squeeze (Hollywood Holt)
4. ?Everybody Must Get Stoned’ Bob Dylan ? (Tristan Wraight, Headlights)
5. ?Imagine? ? John Lennon (Tommie Sunshine)
6. ?Bad? ? U2 (Greg Corner, Kill Hannah)
7. ‘Don?t You Remember You Told Me You Love Me Baby? ? Karen Carpenter (Katie White, The Ting Tings)
8. ?Asleep? ? The Smiths (Mat Devine, Kill Hannah)
9. ?Over the Rainbow? ? Eva Cassidy (Jules De Martino, The Ting Tings)
10. ? The Sound of the Sinners? ? The Clash (Chris K., Sleep Never)