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Hero of the Week

For those who have a cellphone permanently attached to your skull or can’t be alone with your thoughts long enough to find out who you really are, meet Zac Sunderland.

Zac’s sailing around the world alone in a 60 foot wooden boat and he’s 16. SIXFUCKINGTEEN! He’s made it 12,000 miles so far and sure Magellan didn’t have a satellite phone, but a satellite phone doesn’t come in real handy against 12 foot swells or Indonesian pirates, and that’s why he’s also got a .357 Magnum on board (a .357 his parents bought for him). Necessary yes, but needless to say, his parents won’t be sharing the Hero of the Week award.

On the other hand, he’ll be old enough to go to war and murder people in the countries he’s sailing past in two years anyway, so why not just let the kid sail.

Read L.A. Times’ ‘Adventure on the High Seas.’